Marcus Hershberger

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About Me

I am a third-year Computer Science major and Graphic Design minor student at Indiana Wesleyan University. Web development has been an area of interest for me, so I have developed and am developing several small-scale web projects that have aided me in learning different web programming technologies.

Project List

March Madness [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL ]
This is by far my largest project. This page was born nearly 3 years ago, which has allowed for some major progress. Over the course of its life, my March Madness page has gone from some unorthodox JavaScript, PHP, and storage methods to a more complete site that properly utilizes AJAX calls and database storage. A mobile version of the site was also a recent addition, and is functional, but still in progress.
Game Page [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL ]
This section of my site is based on the dictionary game, and its purpose is to allow for an easy way to play a game at my family's annual New Year's Eve party. This was good practice in AJAX and database access, and many of the pages feature dynamic element creation with JavaScript based on the number of players and certain inputs. This was also my first successful experience with session variables.
Page [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL ]
This is a simple page I made to keep track of which students attended certain ACM events at my college. Each sign-in is stored in a database, so a password protected page is able to create Excel spreadsheet files that list students who attended certain events.
Mesh is an instant messaging web app that is currently under development for a project assignment in my internet programming course for the fall semester. As of now, functionality includes creation of user accounts and user login sessions.
Star Wars Top Trumps [ HTML, CSS, JS ]
Stemmed from a friend's nostalgia for a beloved childhood game, Star Wars Top Trumps was written to translate a card game to a digital platform.