Marcus Hershberger

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About Me

I am a fourth-year Computer Science major and Graphic Design minor student at Indiana Wesleyan University. I will be graduating after the fall semster in December 2019. Web development has been an area of interest for me, so I have developed and am developing several small-scale web projects that have aided me in learning different web programming technologies.

Project List

March Madness [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL ]
This is by far my longest project. This page was born nearly 4 years ago, which has allowed for some major progress. Over the course of its life, my March Madness section has gone from some unorthodox JavaScript, PHP, and storage methods to a more complete site that properly utilizes AJAX calls and database storage. A mobile version of the site was also a recent addition, and is functional, but still in progress.
Voice Your Vote [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL ]
This project was a collaborative project in a design class that I took during my junior year. This site was a part of a campaign to encourage students to be more involved in understanding political issues. This project was nice because I was forced to implement this site using real-world requirements that were defined by other project members.
Scrobbles [ HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, API ]
This page utilizes the web API from to display statistics and tables related to my recent listening activity on Spotify. On the recent tracks table, clicking on a song or artist will display how many scrobbles I have recorded for that item.
Mesh is an instant messaging web app that was under development for a project assignment in my internet programming course for the fall semester of 2018. As of now, functionality includes creation of user accounts and message sending. You can login using the 'test_account' user with a password of 'password'.
Star Wars Top Trumps [ HTML, CSS, JS ]
Stemmed from a friend's nostalgia for a beloved childhood game, Star Wars Top Trumps was written to translate a card game to a digital platform.